About us

Founded in 2014 and under the leadership of Flavia Mange since 2022, the firm is renowned for its strategic, ethical, and efficient practice

Our practice associates innovative legal knowledge and strategies developed on a case-by-case basis, in light of our clients’ business models.

We make decisions directly with our clients and their legal department or senior management, aiming at solving disputes and preserving relationships.

Considering that we are a boutique law firm specialized in dispute resolution, our founding partner Flavia Mange acts directly in all cases. Additionally, our firm has lower chances of having a conflict of interests.

Our team is highly qualified to provide sophisticated, cutting-edge work. We are continuously improving our dispute resolution skills and legal knowledge. We actively engage in associations and forums that foster the development of arbitration and other ADR methods.

Areas of expertise


Flavia Mange Advogados provides services for dispute resolution in various market areas. Our practice associates ethical principles, high quality, solid experience, and cutting-edge academic knowledge.


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